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Learn the latest research on dealing with your pet’s health naturally & holistically

The Spiritual connection with animals
Animals as messengers
EFT-tapping for animals
Essential oils
Dealing with the loss of an animal
Chiropractic & body work for animals
Nutrition-what to feed and why
Tapping into your ability to understand what your animals are trying to tell you
What to put in your pet’s natural first aid kit
Deepening & increasing your connection with your animals

So how does a webinar work?


Each 60-90 minute interview will take place with a different practitioner over the course of the series and replays will be available

live series

The live series is FREE. Anyone who signs up for the series here on the website can access the live broadcast of the interviews for FREE via the web or phone.


If you miss a live interview, you can still listen to it for FREE during the series…No 48hr expirations!!! Your registration gives you all of the access information


This series is a conduit to connect you with practitioners that resonate most with you and the needs of your animals.